Sigelei Ultra Disposable

Sigelei-one of the largest vape hardware manufacturer has launched their own disposable with the newest coil based pull and puff system. With 2500+ Puffs and the best flavors EVER! These devices are Our Recommended MUST TRY for all disposable lovers/newcomers. Their flavor variety is sure to cater to everyone's palette and the hardware quality is Sigelei so no more comments.

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VPro Disposable

Ijoy Lio Bee MAX

LIO Bee Lit the latest LED lighting Disposable by IJOY. It comes with the same patent pull & play design for best flavor. Powered by 1300mAh built-in battery, and 6ml prefilled e-liquid,more than 2500 puffs. Additionally, more amazing flavors are optional, and transparent pod for easily checking e- liquid levels.

Ijoy Lio Bee Lit

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IJOY LIO BEE 18 is the first version that re-defined Disposable Pod Kit by the well known IJOY brand. It includes a patent pull & plays design for the best flavor with non-replaceable coil with a resistance of 1.0Ω within the Pod. The IJOY Disposable Kit is powered by a 1000mAh built-in battery, 5ml pre-filled e-liquid for 1500+ Puffs.18 amazing flavors accessible to pick from in a transparent pod for easily checking e-liquid levels.

Ijoy Lio Bee 18

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Quizz Dual Flavor Disposable is a new name in the disposable market which started off in a mid-tier of disposable vapes with 1800 puff device. Quizz Dual Flavor Disposable is powered by a 900mAh battery and dual flavor vaping system with a total of 6ml of juice 3ml each

Quizz Dual Disposable

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