About Puff Vapors " The Puff Story"

Puff Vapors

The Puff Story
We are a new store with a passion for vaping being former smoking addicts and we had the opportunity to work for leading retailers across United States for a long time in the vape industry. As time went by, we noticed a few things and here are some examples-

  • Lack of Communication with Customers
  • Terrible TAT(turn around time) for orders
  • Irresponsible Age Verification & Order processing
  • Holding Order Cancellations & Difficult Returns
  • Shipping out Different items/colors without permission
  • Taking weeks to process & ship orders due to bad workflow
  • Irresponsive upon receiving complaints
  • The worst, holding your money with excuses and forcing you to chargeback

Do any of these issues sound similar to you? They do definitely to us because we saw this happening to customers and in most cases very sadly by willingness of Top Management.
We got Extremely frustrated with how customers were being treated after bearing the brunt of it as the frontline of business .
In simple words, a simple lack of initiative for the most important ASPECT of their businesses- Customers!
The last strand broke when we saw ill handled customers getting frustrated enough to go back to Cigarettes, we finally decided enough and quit our jobs during this pandemic.
The worst possible year to start a new business dominated by huge players and now PMTA, Big tobacco?

After many struggles, sleepless nights & financial woes here we are!
We welcome you to the launch of Puffbarsplus website by Puff Vapors, no flashy marketing emails or in your FACE sale offers by shooting up base prices. Just a simple promise of initiative for customers-

  • Actual 24*7 Customer support via emails
  • Not Only Processing but Shipping your order within 24 hours
  • Crystal clear communication if there is going to be a delay due to out of stock, alternatives & recommendations for you and not our pockets
  • Always the best price that we can offer
  • Inventory only from USA based verified wholesalers
  • Most importantly growing with Customers & not just the dollar.
  • Lastly, personal responsibility to never let an underage/unverified order pass through.

Our mission is to make sure vaping survives the recent onslaught by following & covering every legal aspect because Vaping made a difference in our lives.

We want to provide everyone access to high quality and original Vape products at a right price! Make sure everyone can undertake and stay on the journey to quit smoking. Not a single customer of ours will ever have to turn back to the bud, that's a promise.