About us

Puffbarsplus.com is brought to you by Puff Vapors

We are a team of people whom having worked in the vapor industry for the past few years for others, decided to step up.

From the bad customer service, delayed order servicing, poor inventory management and out of stock communications with customers are just a few examples of what we saw customers facing.

We strongly believe the first step and the answer to the problem is a robust system of round the clock ACTUAL 24*7 Customer support that replies within minutes to customer emails. Combine this with live management system of inventory and quick communication with customers about their orders, give power to the customers.

Our shipping team actually tries to have your order picked, packed and sent for delivery within 24 hours and if not then you will know within an hour of placing your order about possible delay in processing and exactly how much!

Our team works with only suppliers within USA and makes sure Authentic products only make way to our customers after proper inspection of each package.

With a little sacrifice on the profit of products and shipping, we are able to offer Best Prices to develop a loyal customer base as a new company with a simple motto- Serve the Customers!

With all the legal implications on Vapor Industry increasing day by day, we really hope for your support in our Age Verification system- to keep customers and us both safe! A single slip or fraudulent order using an adult's information is enough to crack down on a small business.

We are all aware how the 'youth' tagline is being used in any and every possible way to send people back to good old cigarettes. 

As a smoker of 10+ years in my personal experience and having quit smoking thanks to Vape I really hope the government is forced to listen to the people rather than the money of Big Tobacco.


Here is a link for an organization that is petitioning the cause, we hope they have your support.

Every feedback, question/query/complaint is most welcomed! Please help us serve you better.

Contact us at support@puffbarsplus.com