Verification & Compliance

Puff Vapors strives for legal compliance with all applicable laws in the USA for the Vapor Industry to ensure a total curb on underage purchase/use of vapor products. The scenario in legal and social terms of vaping is ever changing and it is not possible for us to be aware about everything. We are doing our best to be in compliance with laws at all times and do our part of Social Responsibility as an online vape store to go the extra mile that no Underage/Non-verified order is processed.

Age Verification Policy 

We follow willing and are required by law and committed to preventing sales to anyone under the legal purchasing age for any of our products. When you place an order, your name and address are used to confirm your identity and age. This process only must be done once. In some cases we might be unable to verify your age during check-out and will need you to provide alternate information to complete your order. 

1) Last Four Digits of SSN and Date of Birth 

2) ID Upload 

We use BlueCheck Age Verification. This is done to meet FDA and State requirements regarding tobacco and vapor product sales. BlueCheck, is an industry leader in age verification, and uses multiple trusted and secure data sources to verify the information provided with each order. This process has been developed with privacy and security in mind. Sensitive information is neither shared nor accessible. It is our commitment to ensure timely and expedient service, and refusal to utilize these services will result in cancellation of your order.

If you are facing any difficulty in this process then please just email us at This information will be mentioned at checkout as well to make the process smooth for you.

Manual Verification

We take fraud and theft very seriously. To prevent these things from happening to any consumer / credit card holder, we implement several systems to catch fraudulent purchases before the transactions have been shipped out. For most transactions we are able to accept a quick form of verification where the order member submit's a photo ID, held up next to their face. This shows that the order member is a participant in the order process which allows us to clear the order for shipment. All sensitive information does not need to be shown, our main concern is the name, address, DOB and photo, for matching. 

The method of Manual Verification is offered as an alternative for all our customers who are not able to verify in the online system of Blue Checks for any reason be it technical error, mismatch of information or file upload errors etc.

However it becomes a MANDATORY step in event of order being flagged by the Fraud Protection App for mismatch of information at any level or orders of high value. These 3'rd party app have their own metrics and being an industry leader, we follow their workflow for additional security of our customers.

In many states and under new regulations Manual verification is becoming more and more common standard of 100% safety of an order in terms of safety of the customer as well as protecting our Society from Underage purchases.



We cannot list all legal information pertaining at the federal or state level, please do not follow any information in terms of legal updates on Vaping Industry present on our website. 

We follow the simple rule which is beneficial for everyone- Adult Signature Confirmation for every single order on our website across the whole of USA.

There are few states where we have bans on particular types of Vaping devices and Flavors bans in some states as well. Also, like in New York and New Jersey where we recently got a total vape sales ban in terms of Online Sales. We are following all these per state and federal laws on our website, please consider government websites for more information on this matter. 

As mentioned at multiple points on our website, the legal scenario is every changing in the Vape Industry at the moment and we are trying our best to stay compliant as we come across such new updates.