Beard Disposable


The trend of Disposables is on the rise right now due to their pocket friendly and On the Go Style. There are many options available due to varying styles and flavor palette. With the launch of Beard Disposable, they are hitting all the marks of device quality and flavor delivery in a BIGGER, BETTER, and LONGER LASTING way

You must have guessed by now that this is the same company Beard Co making one of the most trending salts and freebase liquids, they are entering the pod system market.

The Beard Disposable follows the simple draw and puff concept of disposables but the strong part of this device lies in with their partnership with Ryse and making a top-quality hardware device along with the finest ingredients used in their own E-juices.

Each Beard Disposable device is pre-filled with 3 ml of 50 mg salt nic and optimized for an extremely flavorful and smooth throat delivery model. These devices come fully charged with a top-tier 550 mAh battery and gives you a consistent flavor for approximately a 1000 Puffs!

Our review would be, these are a must try to curb your smoking urges and keeping yourself satisfied throughout the day. The quality of the Ryse hardware and the Beard Juice combined at this price point is a sheer steal.

 A single device is equivalent to 3 standard disposables in the number of Puffs.

P.S a 10 pack of this can keep even the heaviest of the smokers off the bud for more than 50 days easily & most users for 2 months! 

Bundle Offers:

5 Pack!

10 Pack!


Beard Disposable Features & Specs:

  • Built-in and full charged 550mAh Battery
  • 3ml Pre-filled with top grade Beard juice
  • 50mg Salt Nic strength
  • Approximately 1000 Puffs(3 packs of smokes)
  • Disposable device for use and throw only
  • Draw-Activated puff mechanism