Freecool Ystick Disposable | 5 Pack


Freecool Ystick disposable 5 Pack is a vaping device that may completely free you from any of those operations! It is fully charged and prefilled with e-liquid, without any keys or buttons. When you take out these cuties from the package, just remove the dust-proof cap and start to inhale, and you'll enjoy a yummy taste and satisfying throat hit!
As a disposable apparatus with fully filled e-liquid along with 100% battery level, it is possible to directly use it from the moment that you extract its dust-proof plug, no additional operation is necessary. Along with also a Freecool Ystick disposable 5 Pack could provide 300puffs approximately.


  • 1.4ml Capacity (pre-filled)
  • 300mAh Battery (included)
  • Dustproof Mouthpiece Cover
  • 5W-9W Output Wattage
  • 2.0ohm Resistance
  • 300+ Puffs