Helix Bar Max Edition | 10 Pack


Introducing Helix Bar Max 10 Pack, the newest edition by the Helix family. Offering the biggest Ejuice pod of 5% 5.6ml in the disposable industry, Helix Bar Max 10 Pack is the biggest variant of the family currently in the market with up to 1500+ puffs in each device. Specially designed adjustable airflow for a cigarette style throat hit, Helix Bar Max 10 Pack is launched in 15  flavors to choose from.

Helix Bar Max 10 Pack is reliable and guarantees satisfaction with each puff you take from this gadget. Therefore, if you are curious I would say go for this, neither of these flavors will disappoint you in no way, shape, or form

Helix Bar Max 10 Pack Features:

  • Pre-Filled Pods
  • Pre-Charged Device
  • 5.6ml pods
  • 5% Synthetic Nic
  • 1500+ Puffs
  • Adjustable Airflow