Pop Disposable | 10 Pack | 400 Puffs

by Pop

The Pop Disposable 10 Pack Vape is a nic power punch and an easy to use e-cig that delivers flavor. Offered from the satisfying and wealthy tastes that mature vapers favor, Pop Disposables 10 Pack are an easy means to make the switch from smoking to vaping and a Juul alternative. Pop Disposable 10 Pack Vapes contain 1.3ml of vape juice.

The Pop Disposable 10 Pack device provides a powerful nic hit making it a favorite option for vaping on the go. This handy device is draw-fired and has many more puffs than several similar-sized competitors.

Pop Disposable 10 Pack Features:

  • Draw Activated System
  • 1.2ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • 50mg Nicotine Strength
  • Non-Refillable
  • Up to 400 Puffs per Life Cycle
  • Fully Disposable Vape