Puff Glow Disposable


The Puff Glow is one of the improvements upon the standard disposable device model of Puff Bars, holding 1.3 ml of juice per device to simply draw and puff.

The new Puff Glow is an LED device with its RGB colors and is not just a show, the accuracy has been greatly improved upon the throat hit delivery and the flavor is the smoothest we have known. 

One of the biggest advantages this device has over other disposables is of the flavor consistency till the very end of its approximate 250 puffs life. The 280 mAh battery is more than enough to last until this device runs out of juice.

The Flavors are extremely different and refreshing from the standard disposable devices. All standard disposable advantages apply, including no requirement for maintenance, charging, or refilling. A simple discreet on the go device with no maintenance.

Puff Glow is definitely worth a try for the flavor smoothness and consistency. Keep Puffing!

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The 10 pack should last a heavy user more than a month easily.

Puff Glow Features:

  • RGB Light Up
  • Available Nicotine: 5% 50mg
  • Battery: 280mAh
  • Pre-filled, no need for messy refills
  • 250 puffs which is nearly 20 cigarettes in strength. 
  • Compact and Portable